Calibration Of Anemometers

Through 20 years of working in the field of wind tunnel measurements and calibration of instruments, Svend Ole Hansen ApS has gained an extensive experience in calibration of a great number of different anemometers and instruments. Svend Ole Hansen ApS performs flexible and specially designed solutions for calibrating of proto type instruments as well as calibrating large quantities of standard anemometers. Tilt and angular responses of anemometers are measured in an automated test set-up designed specifically to obtain accurate measurements of angle and velocity.

The calibration procedure and laboratory, the quality assurance, knowledge and experience at Svend Ole Hansen ApS, has lead to an accreditation by DANAK (Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund), which declares that Svend Ole Hansen ApS performs the calibrations in a way that fulfill the international standard ISO 17025. Furthermore Svend Ole Hansen ApS is an associated member of MEASNET (The international Measuring Network of Wind Energy Institutes). This membership stands for high quality measurements and uniform interpretation of standards and recommendations which ensure the clients that calibrations follow the quality rules and requirements of a network considered to be one of the leading in the field.

The calibration results of each anemometer are presented at a certificate which follows the standards accredited of DANAK and MEASNET. The certificates may at any time be found online in the database of Svend Ole Hansen ApS. The calibration results are confidential and may only be accessed with a valid username and code.