Wave Star Energy

Svend Ole Hansen ApS was involved in the Wave Star Project in 2006 – 2009. Wave Star Energy is a commercial Danish company for the utilization of wave energy. A scale 1:10 test machine has been running in Nissum Bredning since 2006 and in 2009 a test section of a 500kW machine was inaugurated at Hanstholm. A Wave Star converter consists of 20 or 40 point absorbers placed along the dominating wave direction, whereby a steady power output is obtained.

Svend Ole Hansen ApS supplied consultancy services for the Wave Star project in several areas. The main areas of consultancy were structural design, environmental loads and structural safety. As environmental loads are an integral part of the energy production by wave energy converters, the operation of the machine affects the level of loads on the machine directly. Hence, an accurate modeling of the operation of the converter is necessary to establish design loads. Svend Ole Hansen ApS was, in cooperation with other project members, developing integrated models for wave loads, wind loads and structural dynamics utilizing finite element analysis and model tests.

Svend Ole Hansen ApS participated in design meetings where all issues regarding the structural design of the different converters were discussed. These meetings were held with regular intervals with participation from all key members of the project team, ensuring a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to the different challenges of the project.