Floors And Pedestrian Bridges

Svend Ole Hansen ApS has been a consultant regarding different engineering aspects in structural vibrations of various floors, staircases, balconies and pedestrian bridges. Examples of services provided for some of these structures are:


A spectacular double-helix staircase constitutes a major part of the visual identity of the newly renovated interactive museum “Experimentarium” in Hellerup, Denmark. The intertwined helices complete each approximately two revolutions, and they connect the floors from ground level to the third floor. The springiness of this particular helix structure is unfavorable in terms of vibrations which may be excited by pedestrians. The customer was interested in reducing the vibrations, while the solution should have minimal visual impact and be maintenance-free. Furthermore, access to the construction site was limited. Svend Ole Hansen ApS was responsible for designing, fabrication, calibration, and implementation of tuned-mass absorbers for the staircase. The demand of minimal visual impact translates into tuned mass absorbers with minimal mass ratio, which calls for extremely precise tuning. In this particular case, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used in conjunction with full scale measurements in order to identify the relevant modes, design minimal dampers, determine their optimal installation points, and carry out the optimal tuning at the site. In all parts of the process, Svend Ole Hansen ApS maintained the contact to site and coordinated the measurements and installation with the entrepreneur. In total, seven dampers were installed on both stairs, thus reducing the vibration signature of the staircase significantly.


Odeon is the new music and conference center in Odense with an area of 32,000 square meters distributed on 7 levels. Dynamic analysis of human-induced floor vibrations was carried out. The investigation included finite element modelling and field measurements. Seven customized tuned mass dampers of 500 kg each, were installed to ensure adequate vibration levels of the grandstand. Svend Ole Hansen ApS delivered damper design and managed production. Verification of the achieved damping effect were carried out after installation of the dampers.

UN City

UN City is a 28,000 square meters office building designed to house the six United Nation organizations present in Denmark. Dynamic analyses of various structural parts as floors, staircases and pedestrian bridges were carried out in the design phase. FE-modeling of relevant elements exposed to human-induced dynamic load. Building owner: FN Byen P/S. Client: Orbicon


Offices at the Schur factory in Horsens were experiencing comfort problems regarding vibrating floors due to operating machinery in the production. Field measurements were carried out in order to investigate the structural vibrations and design a solution. Customized TMD dampers were installed in order to minimize the vibrations. Client: Schur Pack Denmark A/S

KPMG Head Office

The KPMG Head Office is to be approx. 34,000 square meters and located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Dynamic analyses of eight pedestrian bridges were carried out in the design phase. FE-modeling of the bridges exposed to human-induced dynamic load. In order to construct the pedestrian bridges as slender structures, TMD dampers with a customized design were incorporated in the design of the bridges. The TMD dampers were designed to ad damping to the structure in lateral as well as in horizontal direction. Client: MT Højgaard

The Danish Technical University, Center for Electron Nanoscopy (DTU Cen)

Vibration design of a floor used for extremely sensible equipment was carried out at the Danish Technical University (DTU). Field measurements were carried out prior to and during the construction to show the level of ground vibration. Field measurements were carried out in the end of the construction phase to show the actual level of vibration of the floor when exposed to human-induced dynamic load and traffic actions. Client: DTU