Focus Areas

Svend Ole Hansen ApS are consulting engineers specialized within the field of wind engineering and structural vibrations.

Wind engineering

Svend Ole Hansen ApS provides consulting in many aspect of wind engineering. Theoretical calculations and wind tunnel tests are carried out.

  • Estimation of extreme winds
  • Wind loads on structures – onshore and offshore
  • Wind-induced vibrations
  • Wind-induced traffic accidents
  • Rain-wind and ice-wind induced vibrations of cables
  • Wind environment analysis
  • Calibration of anemometers

The director and founder of Svend Ole Hansen ApS, Svend Ole Hansen, has been a lecturer in wind engineering at the Technical University of Denmark for more than 10 years. He has been an invited speaker on many occasions, e.g., at the Scruton Lecture in 2009 and at the Structural Engineers World Congress in 2007 in India. Svend Ole Hansen has written three books and a number of papers regarding different aspects of wind engineering.

Structural vibrations

Svend Ole Hansen ApS provides consulting in many aspects of structural vibrations. Theoretical calculations and wind tunnel tests are carried out.

  • Wind buffeting
  • Flutter
  • Vortex-induced vibrations
  • Human-induced vibrations
  • Machinery-induced vibrations
  • Traffic-induced vibrations
  • Wave-induced vibrations
  • Seismic-induced vibrations
  • Pile driving vibrations

Svend Ole Hansen ApS has been a consultant on numerous projects involving resonance phenomena.  Analyses are both carried out during design and on already-constructed structures. During design, the dynamic behavior is analyzed using the structural codes coupled with finite element models and sometimes tests carried out in the lab or wind tunnel. For already-constructed structures, the analysis is often supported by response measurements on the full-scale structures.

Each project is solved with respect for the specific circumstances involved.